Why does everyone want to be a content creator?

Consider this: on all your social media profiles – have you shared an aesthetic food image in a cute café? Did you post an OOTD today? Diving further deep, you might have added a couple of amusing gifs and stickers to it. What that is, is a content creator.

Today, we live in a global environment in which 24.3 % of Instagram’s 1-billion monthly active users have over 100,000 followers. The achievement of fame has become easier and faster than ever.

Influencers are those who have a social media following and can impact their audience. This term is commonly used in the media sector, where bloggers keep consumers up to date on the latest trends and news. Now, influencers can be found in a variety of settings.

However, young people don't only trust others, they want to be influencers: According to research firm - Morning Consult, which polled 2,000 Americans from the age of 13 to 38 on influencer cultures, 86 % of Gen Z would publish sponsored material for money and 54 % would become an influencer.

It might not be as straightforward as it seems to become a creator of content. It's not like you can go to school, graduate, and then get employed as you do in nursing or engineering. If you choose such a career, you simply ought to take it seriously. Once you do, with a little time and work you can influence with a paycheck.

The fundamental answer is that you can voice your passions, make a difference and inspire crowds.

A vice president of a leading women’s marketing company said, "Success does not happen overnight. You must build enough content and this process can sometimes take years in order for your platforms to support you financially. But it is totally possible for it to lead to a full-time career."

Having said that, in today's society, social fame is more than simply a source of clout and personal glory among your peers. For social audiences, it is also a respectable source of revenue.

We live in a culture in which your social channel is more than ever your public identity. One piece of content might begin your career in the social sphere. We have an unprecedented capability to communicate among one another in the new era where we all are content creators. While simultaneously, we are all competing to get our views heard.

Conclusively, to answer the question this article begun with – Why does everyone want to be a content creator? - because you already are one. Considering you are bound to create content, publish articles, and communicate with people if you care about the following: relationships, opportunities, and a platform. This makes you influential, even without thousands of followers.

The only real distinction between you and an influencer is the fact that an influencer makes a living off of it with a blue tick mark behind them.

(Picture showing Gen Z is all about the number of likes and comments)

Authored By: Akshata Kapoor

Edited By: Uddantika Kashyap