Where there's a whisk, there's a way!

From baking banana bread to decadent brownies to chocolate chip cookies, we all nearly burnt our kitchens down during the initial stages of quarantine. When the coronavirus first broke out, the silver lining for everyone was all the free time that suddenly opened up for us. It gave us an opportunity to discover ourselves, and to finish all those tiny tasks that we said we never found time for. For some, it meant learning a new language, or finishing off the final stroke of all the half-painted canvases. But for most of us, it meant experimenting in the kitchen with whatever we had, and trying new recipes that were intriguing to us. In March of 2020, it seemed like everyone we knew had become gourmet home chefs. From blueberry scones to focaccia and sourdough bread, to whipped coffee, to mac n’ cheese and pizza made from scratch, social media saw it all. The multitude of previously saved recipes on our Pinterest boards were finally being tested.

Who can resist the emerging foodstagram aesthetics!

Although most of what we baked may not have fit the aesthetic standards we strive for, the array of flavors made it worth the effort. When the world was falling to pieces all around us, we sought safety in the comfort of food. Eating our home cooked meals provided a sense of normalcy, which was vastly required when we were all facing extreme external pressures.

Baking can be meditative; it transforms our negative thoughts and generates a seamless flow in our lives. Making everything our hearts desired, helped fill the void created by countless effects of the pandemic. Positivity and loving connections were missing from our routines. This gap was bridged by food and celebrating the small moments that we were grateful for. Be it having a virtual popcorn and movie night with our friends, or overloading our Tuesday tacos with cheese on family nights, the treats we ate brought us together, reminding us that joy can be found in simplicity.

Some more food images to get your bellies fluttering.

When things were finally beginning to look brighter, food and baking never stopped creating bonds. Recall the best conversations you had. Now picture each of those moments vividly. Was there lusciously satisfying food around you? You will find this true because food releases feel-good hormones - endorphins- into the brain, which elevate your mood and promote lovely moments to be stored as fond memories.

So, next time you find yourself in a rut, bring out your cooking gloves, play some music, and head to the kitchen to feel relaxed and whole while baking your most comforting cravings, and trust me, your days will drastically improve!!

Authored By: Zoya Bhargava

Edited By: Ananya Dutta