Weirdest food combinations: Tried and tested

Here are five of the simplest recipes you could ever find and try all of them during one of your many midnight craving sessions!

Pebbles on toast

(Sourced via Pinterest)

Nutella Puri- Imagine this: you just happened to skip dinner, binging a new Netflix show, it's 11.30 in the night, and you need food. A relatable scenario, right? The perfect snack, in this case, is a generous spread of Nutella (or any chocolate spread) over the leftover Puris (or any other forms of bread, such as chapatis) from dinner and it is ready! Dig in and enjoy!

Idli and Grapes- Before attacking me, hear me out. Despite being invented by my 6-year-old sister, I have to say it’s the perfect comfort meal. She takes small idli, places a grape on top of it, and eats it in one go. Even though it seems as controversial as pineapple on pizza, I promise it’s worth a shot!

Parle-G- Now, all of us have had the Parle-G brand biscuits when we were young, but it was usually paired with milk. Just switch the milk with water and try it out. The biscuit dipped in the water gives you the soggy feel of biscuit, similar to the texture we get with milk, and it is lighter while tasting just as good. It’s great for people on the go, or as a quick snack when you’re in a rush.

Salsa dip and leftover chapatis- When you hear salsa dip, you might immediately think of nachos and perhaps chips, but chapatis? Not an expected choice, right? Instead of a vegetable or lentils, eat your leftover chapatis with salsa. Once you give this snack a try, you will only be able to think of your chapatis at home when someone near you mentions salsa!

Honey and Banana – If you are a sweet tooth, this snack might just be the one for you. When I tried this combination out, I cut the banana into medium-sized slices and spread honey all over it. It makes for a great combination of flavors while also contributing to a healthier lifestyle (as long as the honey is in moderate portions)!

Authored by: Darshika Jallan

Edited by: Yana Kumar