Top 5 trends which have returned to the fashion forefront

This generation has been known to romanticize different trends from the past to find out why they had taken the world by storm back then – and it seems that the trends haven’t lost their spark yet! Use this article as a guide to help you navigate through some popular trends that have been rediscovered by this generation. You might just fall in love with these new-old fashion styles and use these tips to revamp your closet to highlight the best you!

1. Bell Bottom Jeans

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Bell-bottoms are pants that are tight from the thighs and widen from knee down. The 1970s was the year when bell-bottoms were first introduced into the fashion trend game and were highly popularized and worn by women. These jeans bring out one’s best curves, and in all the right places. The loose fit at the bottom is a very comfortable and unique feeling! Depending on how you want to style these pants, you can pair these with high heels or shoes, so incorporating them into your wardrobe won’t be a hassle!

2. Satin Dresses

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Satin dresses have been quite popular through time, especially in the 1920s, but seemed to have lost their spark up until now. The fabric is created using silk which has been quite the luxurious factor to be worn before. One can pair a satin outfit with a pair of boots or heels for a stylish look and accessorize with a thin necklace to add a trendier element to this super sensual dress.

3. Ripped Sweater Vest

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In the 90’s, ripped sweater vests had generally been a fashion (or more accurately, a comfort) statement to be worn by men. But now, it has become a fashionable statement by the current generation (Gen Z) and is confidently worn by all genders. It gives you a very cool vibe and pairing it with bell bottoms would be a great idea!

4. Puffer Jackets

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During the 90s, the Puffer Jacket surged in quality as a young generation of ravers would adorn themselves among the jacket, wearing it throughout the night during the winter months. Today, puffer jackets are being reinvented through new silhouettes and patterns to keep up with the current fashion season. Whether it is a floral print or a cropped style, the puffer jacket is typically a good investment and a great idea for your closet.

5. Halter Necks

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This 2000s trend is back in 2022 with a new makeover: the strap around the neck. It presents a trendy spin for our current generation. The halter neck tops generally work for every event, whether it be a girls’ night out or a first date. If you are into simple and comfortable, yet slightly elevated looks, then this is for you!

Personally, I am thankful that these trends have returned with the trendier versions of themselves! Add one of these items to your closet if you haven’t already and tell us about your favorite ones!

Authored By: Smayra Virmani

Edited By: Yana Kumar