Top 5 must-have sneakers

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style was a worry of the past. The evolution of the sneaker industry and the never-ending introduction of new designs has redefined the footwear game altogether. Sneakers provide the perfect balance between comfort and style, to keep you prepared for any moment of life without having to need a change of footwear.

Over the years there have been numerous trendy methods to style your sneakers. Many sneakerheads all over the world build closets for their sneakers and take utmost care of them. But this is neither accessible nor affordable for many. So, here’s a list of sneakers that can be styled with your outfits for any occasion, to keep your sneaker game top-notch yet budget-friendly.

1. Jordans

Jordans are one of the most classic pairs of shoes that everyone must own. They can be styled with absolutely anything as the sneakers have an aura of their own and are the best combination of style and comfort. The bonus- you can break into a basketball game at any point and you won’t need to change your shoes.

Air Jordan 1

The first sneaker introduced in the Jordan series has always been special for every sneakerhead. To this day, they are one of the most loved sneakers in the market. The love for these sneakers goes much beyond the design, it reminds sneakerheads about the love for the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

There are multiple color choices for these classics and you can never go wrong while styling these shoes. They have collaborations with other brands and celebrities and are worth checking out. Nike has also introduced a new sustainable version of these sneakers so go ahead and buy the version that you love!

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Air Jordan 3

If the high ankle Air Jordan 1 is not your style, the Air Jordan 3 is something you should definitely take a look at. These sneakers have medium ankle support and are a perfect balance between the retro and modern styles of sneakers. They have great color combinations and look great with any outfit!

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2. Chuck Taylor All Star

Sneakers may come and go. But the one pair of sneakers that have endured the test of time is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers and are perfect for a casual look. They are one of the most purchased sneakers to this day. Being a perfect combination of affordability and style, they can be worn by anyone, at any age, any era, and anywhere.

These sneakers also come in multiple color options and as Converse describes them “We make the shoes, you make the stories”, they show incredible potential. If the high-top version is not something you’d like, they have some exciting low ankle sneakers as well.

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3. Vans

The Vans sneaker history dates back to 1966. The Vans Authentic was the first edition of Vans ever launched and was a hit among skateboarders. Today, they are so much more than just sneakers for skateboarders. Everyone loves to own a pair of Vans as they redefine your cool outfit in its own way. The Vans Old Skool is also a pair of sneakers in great demand and can be worn with a large number of outfits. They have multiple colorways and are one of the best-designed sneakers of all time.

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4. Adidas

Adidas NMD is one of the most-searched-for shoes in recent times. They are inspired by running shoes and provide the most comfortable experience ever. They have a sock-like fit and a knit upper which makes the experience extremely comfortable. These sporty sneakers also come in multiple colorways. They’re perfect for walking around in style.

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5. Nike

The Nike Air force 1 is a pair of shoes that were most popular due to their all-white sneakers. Everyone needs a pair of all-white sneakers and Nike’s version is one of the most stylish on the market. Nike has also released other colorways of the Air Force 1 which also have a great look to them. The Air Force 1 show has evolved through time with minute changes in design. The recent introduction of the sustainable version of the Air Force 1 named Air Force 1 Crater, also has an incredible look!

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Irrespective of which sneakers you buy, they’re all extraordinary in their own way and special to many sneakerheads like me.

Authored By: Ashika Reddy

Edited By: Megha MS