The story behind KitKat

Rowntree's first introduced KitKat as a confectionery business on August 29, 1935, and it was later sold to Nestlé, a now-leading brand. The name KitKat was derived from the KitKat club, which was named after Christopher Catling. The KitKat logo has always been the same, with the exception of the one time when it was changed in 1942 to represent a change in the recipe due to a lack of milk, but it was returned to its catchy red and white color in 1949 when the issue was resolved.


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Rowntree’s is a British confectionery business based in York, United Kingdom.

The brand expanded in 1950, and we saw it in Commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia, and Canada, where Rowntree had already established it. Later in the 1950s, we saw it on the small screen as advertisements.

Its catchy advertising line, "Have a break, have a KitKat," was given by an advertising agency staff member, Donald Gillies, and it grew in popularity over time.

KitKat is made up of three layers of wafers covered in chocolate and cut into long finger-like structures famously known as "Chocolate fingers." They are available in packs of one, two, or four fingers for a price of 5, 10, or 40 INR, depending on the product design.


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KitKat, the iconic brand, is present in more than 80 countries and is the first global confectionery brand to be sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa.

We've recently seen a white chocolate KitKat flourish its way through, with the only difference being that the milk chocolate has been replaced by the white. During the holidays, we also see a few special editions make an appearance.

KitKat's can be found in a variety of foods, including cakes, shakes, chocolate spreads, and ice cream. It's always been a great dessert and an addition to sundaes and ice cream rolls, and it is also definitely my personal favorite; what's yours?

Authored by - Darshika Jallan

Edited by - Sowmithaa Shri