The sound of music

Music is a pleasant sound that is created by incorporating vocals and melodies. Music is something that everyone relishes, yet not everyone may enjoy the same genre of music. But, what makes it so unique that everyone appreciates it?

Songs like 'Despacito' (by Luis Fonsi) and 'Gangnam Style' (by PSY) were named as global hits, even when everyone couldn't fully comprehend them. One might wonder what the reasoning behind this would be? The answer is simple: music connects with us. Sometimes the lyrics are easily relatable to the listener's heart, while other times the tunes stick to the listener's brain.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito stayed No. 1 in the US charts for 35 consecutive weeks making records

People enjoy a wide range of musical genres, the most popular of which are pop, rock, punk, and indie. Instrumental and classical music never lost their importance either. With so many different types of music being produced and composed today, everyone can easily find his/her/their niche.

Music is like one's best friend; it is always there for them and understands their various moods. Music is an indisputable part of our daily lives. Listening to music while working, cleaning, preparing for work, or even studying has become a social reality. People can be seen connecting their emotions to a song or an artist. Some artists create music that conveys a positive message on various topics (such as mental health issues, beauty standards, and so on) that are either hidden or clearly profound, which in turn inspires and gives the listeners a wave of new hope.

Alessia Cara’s hit single “Scars to your beautiful” talks about how everyone is beautiful just the way they are

Over the centuries, all of this has given music a special place in our hearts, and MUSIC is now more than just a sound, but an EMOTION.

Authored By: Tanya Malik

Edited By: Sowmithaa Shri