The precious bond between Tom Felton and Willow

Anyone who has watched the Harry Potter Series can’t deny the fact that they have, at least once, fallen for Draco Malfoy. Tom Felton has captivated us more than once: first, through his portrayal of Draco Malfoy and now, by witnessing his affection for Willow.

The actor is a dog-dad to a Black Labrador named Willow. He took her in as a puppy when his friend had a change of heart about adopting her. On Instagram live streams, Tom and Willow seem inseparable; they are, almost always, seen together.

(Photo via @t22felton on Instagram)

Tom and Willow

I have joined many of Tom’s Instagram live streams, and believe myself to be truly blessed to have witnessed the precious bond between Tom and Willow.

Willow is all over Tom’s Instagram feed. One fan-favourite (or not for Slytherin fans) was a picture of Willow wrapped up in a Gryffindor Scarf while Tom was dressed up as Harry Potter (even down to the scar).

(Photo via @t22felton on Instagram)

And, who can ever forget the transition pics that Tom posted of Willow on her second birthday. The caption read, “I’m Willow the dog and I was this size and now I’m that size but my paws have stayed the same size. I loves food, swimming & I’m two years old today”. Find the picture here:

Tom has even released merch with animated graphics of the pair.

(Photo via @t22felton on Instagram)

Merch Art

The fans seem to love the bond between Tom and Willow (evident from all the fan pages dedicated to both of them). But fans also know the past, and the past sure hurts.

Everyone can sympathize with what happened in 2014. Back then, Tom lost his old pet Labrador named Timber to cancer. It took quite a while for the 30-year-old actor to cope with Timber’s untimely passing. However, he’s moved on and started a new chapter in life by adding Willow to the Felton family.

Tom and Timber

Over the years, I couldn’t help but fall for Willow’s cuteness. She could not have asked for a better dad, this I know for sure!

Written By: Esha Sahay

Edited By: Akanksha Mallick