The Kissing Booth: Binge or Cringe?

Elle and Lee were born on the same day to a set of best friends (their parents). They made a bunch of rules when they were five to preserve their friendship so they wouldn’t ever fall apart. Over the years, the rules worked out, until Elle caught feelings for Noah, Lee’s elder brother, violating one of their rules. After a perfect kiss at the kissing booth, they both secretly start dating.

Elle really wanted to tell Lee, but before she could, Lee found out. He did not take it very well, and things got physical between the two siblings. Elle decides to cut things off with Noah, but later she realizes it was not fair for her to only choose one of them. With this realization, at the end of the first movie, we see a happily ever af--, well we kind of don’t because Noah has to go off to college thousands of miles away, meaning they now have to learn the ropes of a long-distance relationship.

The second movie was also pretty great, because we see the very realistic issues of long-distance relationships such as insecurities, trust issues, having time crunches, etc. Meanwhile, enter Marco, the new high school hottie. After a very embarrassing moment with Elle, let’s say we saw a perfect enemies-to-lovers case scenario, where Elle kisses Marco in front of Noah, not going down well for the love birds. But after very insightful conversations, they straightened out their thoughts and chose to continue their relationship, and we finally got our happily e--, well they were not even close. Elle now had to make a choice of whom she would choose to go to college with: Lee (her best friend) and UC Berkeley or Noah (her boyfriend) and Harvard?

A still from Kissing Booth 3. From left to right- Meganne Young (plays as Rachel), Joel Courtney (plays as Lee Flynn), Joey King (plays as Shelly Evans) and Jacob Elordi (plays as Noah Flynn)

In the final movie, we see Elle procrastinating to make her college preference as the four of them, Noah, Elle, Lee and Rachel spend their summer break at their childhood beach house. Elle makes her choice, but it does not go down well with everybody, and despite trying her best to keep everything together and make everybody happy, she fails. With Noah’s grudge with Marco, spending as much time with Lee as possible, and handling all the new changes in her family, things eventually fall apart and Elle decides to finally put herself first for once in her life.

Even though personally, I am not a huge fan of the third movie, the trilogy is definitely worth the watch, as we see Elle trying to answer the inevitable question - Love or Friendship?

Authored By: Darshika Jallan

Edited By: Yana Kumar