Society's flawed beauty definitions

What does beauty mean to you? Ask yourself that question, and then tell me whether you’re picturing a tall skinny figure you just imagined or a short, bubbly and chubby soul. I’m sure that the first thought that came to most of you, if not 95% of you, was the first option. It is not your fault; it is simply what we have witnessed since birth.

Have you ever attended an Indian wedding? If you have, I’m sure you would have come across that one hypocritical and nosy relative, who goes around pointing out to everyone how thin that person has become or how that person has gained an inch on their waistline. When you become thin, you are often told that you are now the symbol of beauty, but you should eat something because otherwise you will “fly away by the wind” and if you become healthier, you are no longer regarded as ‘beautiful/handsome’. If that’s not bad enough you will also be judged and can cause an “earthquake” when you dance , and they will simply insert a ‘no offense’ without realizing the effect it has on one's emotions.

The plain thought of looking in the mirror haunts us after such venomous remarks. We believe that we are not what society considers to be beautiful. Why is this the case? How, and more importantly, why do we forget that beauty comes from a joyful smile and a beautiful soul beneath our skin? In a nutshell, you will never achieve beauty if you continue to care about what the world thinks of you because all that really matters is you and how you decide to enjoy your personality by being the best version of yourself.

(Source: Girlfriend Collective)

(During the campaign of their eco-friendly recycled activewear, Girlfriend Collective wanted to show that beauty comes in different shapes as well.)

Remember you are filled with beauty. You are the most beautiful creature this planet has ever seen and you are beautiful because you enjoy your personality and work on your flaws. So, disregard what others have to say and go ahead and flaunt your beautiful soul by being yourself.

Authored By: Darshika Jallan

Edited By: Sowmithaa Shri