Recommended tips on getting ready to go back to school

All students remember when Covid-19 was determined to be an actual threat and not just another variation of the flu. It was the moment when schools shut down and they took an approach that was alien to us. Online learning – an extremely new approach that’s quite unique to our generation, was a drain on the mental health of most students and left many in isolation. Now that people are getting vaccinated, life is slowly going back to normal but the same can’t be said for the people who have adapted to the quarantine lifestyle. The following points are some tips you can use to gain stability within yourself once school starts, so you can be your most successful self in school:

1. Get your comfort school supplies – Like a specific pen brand? Get it. Specific notebooks? Get them. The point is you should be as comfortable as you can make yourself during school. Your comfort level can absolutely be affected by the things you choose to surround yourself with, and that includes your school supplies.

2. Download your favorite songs and keep your phone and earbuds close by – We have to freshen up our socialization skills but it should be obvious that we can’t go from 0 to 100. We need to take baby steps to bring our confidence back up outside our homes, and nothing offers a better distraction (or a serotonin boost if you need) than your phone and your favorite songs.

3. Involve more forms of fitness back into your life – Despite the inherent popularity of fitness regimes for losing weight, that’s not the only purpose they serve. Including certain forms, physical activities can bring you a sense of peace, break the rigid routine your schoolwork might set for you and lift your mood.

4. Schedule how you finish your work – Time management may feel like a hassle, but in the end, it only brings you more benefits and allows you to avoid burnout. Including summer homework (which you might not have finished yet), try pacing yourself before school begins so you don’t start off on a stressful note.

5. Limit your levels of caffeine – I’m aware of how necessary it can be to stay awake during the night to finish that paper, but depending on your caffeine intake, it can make you more anxious or lead to a crash which makes you feel even worse. Setting aside those exceptions, if you’re one to take part in casual caffeine drinking, I’d suggest switching to smoothies. They are a healthier alternative and for many people even better for your mental health. You certainly don’t need your mental health to crumble right as school goes back to normal.

6. There can be various alternatives to situations you might be uncomfortable with— Are you uncomfortable with confrontation? Email is usually a good way to get your point through while being given the opportunity to mentally prepare yourself for their response. If you have no way to get an assignment done on time due to other events happening in your life, talk to the teacher and ask for an extension. The situation most likely seems worse in the moment, which can lead you to get easily stressed out.

And finally, remember to give yourself a break. You’re only human, so allow yourself to mess up. Integration back into society isn’t going to be smooth and easy. Spend an evening watching your comfort TV show to feel at ease again if you need. I believe in you, you’re going to make this your most successful year (and even if you don’t, I’m still proud that you tried!

Authored By: Yana Kumar

Edited By: Uddantika Kashyap