Paradyes: India's first homegrown vegan hair dye

If you, like me, have always wondered what it would be like to have wild-hued curls, or need a break from your monotonous life; there is but one simple answer- hair dye. Paradyes, India’s first homegrown vegan hair dye company have also shown their support to this statement, adding that there are few things that can provide more confidence than beautiful and luscious hair. Overhauling the narrative behind hair dyes whilst adding a bold, bright and soulful twist to its emerging label Birds of Paradyes, Paradyes boasts of their brand being India’s first semi-permanent homegrown hair dye brand curating vegan and cruelty free hair dyes in the Indian market. These are hair dyes by Indians, for Indians.

Gen-Z is loving the vibrant hair dyes that Paradyes has to offer. These hair dyes are available in 9 vibrant shades- Crinkle Violet, Comrii Purple, Saxony Yellow, Rubra Red, Mayeri Green, Superba Aqua, Carola Pink, Rudolphi Blue and Raggiana Orange. These hair dyes come in glass jars with tin caps and application brushes made of 60% bamboo fibre. The glass jars are also reusable after a thorough wash which makes the brand not only vegan and homegrown, but eco-friendly too. What began as a carefree, personal experience of experimentation in Yushika Jolly’s family’s hair dye factory transformed into a thriving business.

The brand is breaking social barriers, one hair dye at a time. In terms of building a brand image as an Indian homegrown product, the brand has celebrated its authenticity in being a Hindustani label, honing the representation of brown models, Indian hues and aesthetics. The message is loud and clear: Brown is beautiful. The label plans on expanding and carving its niche in the Indian cosmetic market. Paradyes has begun a movement that will someday grow to be larger than the founders itself. A movement so colourful, so brave and so Indian.

(Paradyes Hair Dye Products, a perfect image to illustrate the brand’s pride in being Indian, bold and proud; source: @birdsofparadyes)

(We wear our hearts on our sleeves, and our rainbows in our hair! @s.h.e.r.s.i.n.g.h; @birdsofparadyes)

(Nothing screams "Pride and Power!" like red hair! ❤ It's pride month guys, don’t forget that you deserve to be celebrated, just the way you are -@rijooll; @birdsofparadyes)

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Authored By: Shreya Mahato

Edited By: Aditi Kiran