Our favorite LGBTQIA+ TV Shows

Whilst Pride Month may have drawn to an end, it doesn’t bring a close to all things rainbow-themed. LGBTQIA+ TV shows are a great way of supporting the community and learning more about them. So here’s a rundown of our top picks.

Queer as Folk:

Source: Channel 4

This British show was a pioneer in the LGBT+ television space with its debut dating way back to 1999, a time when an understanding of the gay community was extremely limited and being homosexual was stigmatised. This amazingly funny show was a game-changer with its strikingly frank portrayal of the community and the various joys and tribulations they face.

This show is a must watch for anyone who wants to start or continue watching LGBT+ shows.

Where to Watch: Gagaoolala, Showtime

Diary of Tootsies:

Source: Netflix

This slapstick comedy drama follows four friends — Gus, Kim, Golf (who are queer or ‘tootsie’ as per thai slang) and Natty (who is a lesbian) who embark on a rollercoaster of a journey to find their romantic partners. This show made us laugh, cry and cringe. It is something completely different from the usual Boys Love fare that Thailand is famous for.

This is a must watch for someone who wants something funny and heart-warming to watch.

Where to Watch: GDH’s Official Youtube Channel.

Papa and Daddy:

Source: Gagaoolala

Papa and Daddy is a heart-warming slice of life drama from Taiwan. The story follows gay couple Jerry and Damian as they raise their son Kai. This is a rare one as it showcases the family life of a homosexual couple and emphasises on the fact that there is not much of a difference between a child growing up with a same-sex couple and a child growing up with a heterosexual couple. This TV show is a rare gem as it tackles the coming out of an adult man and addresses a lot of misconceptions.

Where to Watch: Gagaoolala

Gentleman Jack:

Source: Vanity Fair

The only historical show on my list, Gentleman Jack is based on the real life of Anne Lister, who was sometimes called the "first modern lesbian". This show captures the various nuances of her life as both herself and her alter-persona, Jack, with ease. Raw, funny and sardonic, this show is a great way to learn about Anne Lister, who constantly chafes against the life she's supposed to live and her love interest.

Where to Watch: Disney+ Hotstar

It is important to give accurate and fair representation to the LGBT+ community in the media and the above TV shows do a fantastic job at it. So now that you have a list of noteworthy shows, what are you waiting for? Go watch them now!

Authored By: Suha K

Edited By: Akanksha Mallick