Nature's gifts: A boon for health and beauty

Our ancestors cleverly made their way to find the application of eatables as effective and sustainable skincare products. This knowledge has been traversing through lanes of time, passed over generations before finally reaching us, but have gradually started to go unnoticed. Here are some natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products that are truly nothing less than a blessing.

Turmeric, a regional cousin of ginger, is loved for its stupendously versatile properties. No Indian household is capable of conjuring a delectable repast without turmeric. This yellow fellow appeals to one’s tastebuds, health and skin alike. Turmeric is an antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory product. Thus, it is widely used for internal healing. The regal Indian weddings have a customary ceremony quite literally dedicated our beloved turmeric, known as ‘Haldi’. It possesses various benefits for moisturizing and giving a beautiful glow to one’s skin.

Curd, also known as yogurt, is a boon for one’s digestive system. It is a source of probiotics, consisting of lactobacilli that provide a supply of healthy bacteria to the gut. Strong bones are just a bowl of curd away. The ‘C’ refers to curd and calcium! One cup of curd contains about 450mg of Calcium, fulfilling nearly 20% of one’s daily calcium intake. The coagulated milk contains lactic acid which eliminates dead cells from the skin. Its fat content is also an effective moisturizer for the skin, leaving it supple and soft to touch.

Full of antibacterial and antifungal properties, along with being rich source of antioxidants and a treatment for sore throat and indigestion, honey really is the sweetest. The bees don’t have to put up a show to determine that they are among the most industrious creatures to exist. Their product says it all. Mother nature designed this golden, viscous liquid to be a natural-humectant, keeping the skin moist but not oily. It is a natural equivalent of the recently Instagram-famous hyaluronic acid, which has a similar moisturizing mechanism. The science of these substances is simple: they draw moisture from the skin without replacing it. Applying honey on the face has benefitted plenty of acne-prone people. The golden liquid truly is gold.

The dry drupe, known to the general public as coconut, has tremendous benefits for one’s heart and digestive system. The nut is better consumed in moderation as it is high in calories but containing saturated fats, it is far easier to digest than animal fats. The oil extracted from coconut bolsters the skin’s protective layer and seizes the moisture inside, keeping the skin hydrated. The tropical nut was gifted with the anti-inflammatory properties as well, which makes it beneficial for chafed skin. Coconut oil is a nemesis of issues like flaky scalp, dandruff, split ends and hair fall.

A few other healthy food items which are miraculous for hair and skin are almond or Indian gooseberry, also known as amla. While Amla oil stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss, almond oil applied to both the hair and skin, along with being a wonderful fat supplement. Nature has blessed us with millions of such gifts. These natural blessings are absolutely free from the shackles of harmful chemicals and to top it off, most of these ingredients can be found lying in domestic settings. For a greener future, man must turn towards nature, and he shall find the innumerable boons nature has to give.

Authored By: Devina Verma

Edited By: Rachita Jain