Must watch fashion shows that will up your fashion game!

Many sitcoms and shows have inspired looks and trends through the years. Unlike movies, TV show characters come back every season with fresh new looks and combine the current trends which make each season unique. The following shows have influenced trends and made statements over time.

1. Emily In Paris

Image Source: Netflix

This Netflix original series revolves around an American woman who takes a job in Paris. The protagonist, Emily Cooper is played by Lilly Collins and the character earned huge media attention for her chic style. From the arrival of the classic French-girl look of dapper hats, coats, over-the-knee boots, and short-printed stylish skirts, this show has it all. It depicted a distinct and bold style experimenting with various textures, prints, and colors.

2. Sex and the city

Image Source: IMDb

This show brings various styles together and the characters wear the outfits with extreme confidence and class. Each character portrays a different style that matches their job, personality, and relationship trajectory. The show featured multiple ways of styling dresses that soon became trends. It introduced never seen before, daring and uncommon fashion statements. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carrie Bradshaw whose style and wardrobe still inspire many.

3. The fresh prince of Bel-Air

Image source- IMDb

If you have ever watched this show you would know that Will Smith’s outfits were always on the lookout. The mix of his past and new posh life in Bel Air brought the era of Air Jordan sneakers, bold neon vests, hats, and printed pants which are currently trending. This show introduced street-style inspired outfits in a never seen spotlight. In the 90s, this brought spirited and fresh street style to mainstream fashion.

4. Gossip Girl

Image Source: Pinterest

The characters in the show looked flawless throughout all six seasons. The show revolves around Manhattan’s elite teens so their fashion game was extravagant. From Boho outfits to chic designer wear and trends with a twist, Gossip Girl defined a fashion era. The show was filled with ready-to-wear, stylish, and classy hits that influenced an entire generation of teenagers. The show introduced the trend of headbands and mini dresses for the following years. Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, and Serena Van Der Woodsen played by Blake Lively were the fashion sensation to loop up to when the show was running.

5. Euphoria

Image source: HBO

The show that had the internet hooked has gained enormous praise for its styling. The looks on the show, both fashion, and makeup-wise, have grown in popularity and started trending. In the show, the dressing and fashion have a hidden and deep meaning too. Each character has a unique style that fans have been loving. Euphoria is defining fashion trends at the moment. The looks in the series are being recreated by many people worldwide. Tap here to read a detailed article on Euphoria's fashion game!.

This was a list of a few handpicked fashion movies and shows that can be watched to get inspiration and up your styling game. Tell us how many have you watched or are planning to watch!

Authored By: Smayra Virmani

Edited By - Shivani Arvind