Money Heist: La casa de papel

Netflix's Spanish acquisition went viral around the world, with many people hailing it as the best show in decades. After four seasons, the show has begun to fall apart. While the first two seasons managed to wrap up a short narrative full of love and drama, the men and women in red jumpsuits seemed lost in the latter.

The money heist drew viewers in with a fast-paced plot and some memorable characters. The robbers in red bodysuits and Dali masks became an iconic symbol of anti-capitalist opposition. However, in later seasons, the writing becomes clunky, the drama becomes overbearing, and the show appears to be running out of plot ideas. The first two seasons of the money heist are the best parts of the show because the writers had a clear plot in mind that they were able to execute with great bravado using Netflix's budget.

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(From right to left; The Professor, Tokyo, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Stockholm, Lisboa, Helsinki, Palermo, Marseille, Bogotá)

The actors did a fantastic job, and the fans chose their favourite from among the various groups of personalities. The plot of this series revolves around a group of criminals and robbers assembled by the enigmatic professor. He has been planning a robbery of Spain's Royal Mint and has been training the group for five months. This show focuses on the professor's meticulous plans and specific contingencies. He had prepared his cast for any unexpected twists and turns.

Robbers wearing red coveralls and Dali masks storm the Royal Mint, taking hostages inside. While the police are stationed outside, they intend to create 2.4 billion euros in untraceable banknotes. The professor imposed several rules on the group, including the use of aliases and the avoidance of personal relationships. While the gang is named after various cities, personal relationships and unexpected plots jeopardise the heist. Inspector Raquel Murillo and her colleague Ángel Rubio are hot on the professor's tail as he orchestrates the robbery from the outside.

The third season follows the aftermath of the robbery as the authorities hunt down the gang. This forces them to reunite and storm the Spanish bank in order to free one of their own. This season's haphazard writing, excessive drama, and hail of bullets and explosions laid a shaky foundation for a poor story that has little to do with heists. The fact that there had been no new additions to the robbery or heist genre contributed to the popularity of money heists. The Italian job and the Ocean's trilogy were outstanding, and no one else has attempted to replicate the style. Finally, fans had a show about a meticulously planned heist, complete with twists and turns, some predictable and some unexpected, but all thrilling. Money heist had the charm of Spanish television, with love and relationship subplots in the midst of a grand robbery. While it is an entertaining show, calling it one of the best would be an exaggeration. The actors are fantastic, and we get to know and hate iconic characters, but the script is weak and the dialogue is unimaginative.

The majority of the heist revolves around the professor's master plan, which has been meticulously planned for every eventuality, but there are multiple plots and excessive dramatisation. The third and fourth seasons take too long to get going, and it's unclear how the series will end.The characters' constant yelling distracts you from the plot; the cops are made out to be the idiots. The second heist feels less planned than the first, but it quickly becomes something much more. While it is an entertaining show that manages to surprise you from time to time, it is not the best show of the generation. The writing could have been better, and the later seasons could have been longer, but the cliffhanger endings keep you hooked.

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(Money Heist season 4 premiered on Netflix in April 2020, season 5 is said to come out on 3rd September 2021)

Authored by: Navya Bharadwaj

Edited by: Sowmithaa Shri