Media Literacy: A topic that could make or break Gen Z

Imagine what would happen if all the world's connections to each other shut down tomorrow. How would you feel if you could no longer access the internet, nor talk to your online friends on social media, nor watch your favorite movies, nor read any more articles. Really take a second to think about how you would get through the first few days.

I'm sure you will agree that you will experience isolation, boredom, and curiosity. This is because the media influences our thoughts, our decisions, and our lifestyle. What was the last item you purchased because of the internet? What was the last food item you tried because of social media? I'm sure it was in the near past. Think about it, wherever you go, you are bombarded by the media telling you to ditch this fashion trend, to buy this makeup product to be "prettier." The reason we give in to these things is because we feel the need to fit in. We are constantly chasing the feeling that having these things usually gives us.

We are all a part of the new generation, Gen Z. You all know that social media drastically destroys our mental health. However, we often forget that it is ourselves who are in control of our digital consumption. Undoubtedly, we need it to stay connected to our loved ones who are far away. But at the end of the day, we need to prioritize ourselves as well. That is why media literacy is so important. Some may argue that the media tells us many useful things, and although this is true, we need to remember how to filter through the nonsense too. We need to learn to pursue the things that we truly care about, and not let the media influence our opinions.

I strongly believe that we are all intellectually curious, and brilliantly intelligent. I know we will take our future into our own hands, and become more mindful of your actions and your time. Don't be afraid to state your own ideas.

John Yuyi, a Taiwanese visual artist, tattoos social media to snapshot our online infatuations.

Via @johnyuyi on Instagram

Authored By: Zoya Bhargava

Edited By: Anshita Yadav