Mate, come to the beaut and bonzer land of Australia!

As the world is opening up, people are starting to travel again. And even if there’s some time before we can fully start travelling again doesn’t mean we can’t plan ahead, right? Here’s another underrated country to add to your travel list.

(Beautiful Byron Bay Beach)

(A look into Sydney nightlife)

I visited Australia a year ago before the pandemic and it was one of the best trips of my life. When my mom suggested travelling to Australia I was a bit skeptical, it wasn’t a place I’d heard people talking about much in regards to vacations, but I was pleasantly surprised when I visited it. While there are several places one can visit in Australia like Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and many others; I stayed in Sydney and Melbourne and both of those were incredible in their own way.

I will say that I’m more biased towards Sydney because coincidentally the Sydney Festival, which is a major arts festival in Sydney that runs for three weeks in January, was going on when we travelled there and it was absolutely stunning. Here’s a picture of the Opera house lit up with magnificent artwork.

(Opera House during Sydney Festival)

Not only is the night life amazing in Sydney, it also has amazing street markets with delicious and mouthwatering food. It's great fun for those who like to adventure with food. Their street markets have foods that range from basic to exotic, even having kangaroo meat (Which is their national animal)! There are also great beaches like the Bondi beach where you can laze around or opt for a more adventurous scene and try the Bondi to Coogee walk, which is even though being a bit exhausting, will take your breath away with the scenery.

(Bondi to Coogee Walk Scenery)

(Flinders St. Station in Melbourne)

Melbourne is perfect for those who love architecture and historic sites, with amazing libraries, museums and a variety of cultures. It is the perfect tourist destination. The city has a cool vibe to it without being pretentious. There is amazing artwork on the streets that will blow you away every single time. Melbourne is also a food lover’s paradise, with a huge variety of cultural food and cute restaurants hidden away in small alleyways that are decorated with fairy lights, which just add to their appeal. One can also discover the colorful beach boxes at Brighton beach which are extremely appealing.

(Brighton Beach Boxes)

Australia has several other hidden gems that would make anyone’s trip a memorable experience with a variety of experiences that would cater to one’s liking. I hope to visit Australia again soon and discover the rest of it as well!

Authored By: Aneka Khanna

Edited By: Shreya Gupta