We are looking for marketing directors who shall be responsible for our company's marketing and communication strategies as well as overall branding and image. Marketing directors would be required to plan and execute marketing strategies and expand our reach to help us achieve our organizational objectives.


• Develop strategies and tactics to increase our reach.

• Collaborate with other organizations, magazines, company's etc.

• Come up with trending ideas to attract our target audience.


• Should be up to date with latest trends.

• Fluent in English.

• Good communication skills and should be confident.

• Creative mind and quick thinker.

• Should have networking skills.

• Should be familiar with social media platforms.

• Contribute to team discussions.

Further Details:

Internship Duration:

Minimum 3 months, flexible, 4 hours a week.

Manpower Requirements: 10 Interns.


• Work from home

• Certificate of Experience on Completion

• Letter of Recommendation on Completion

• Unpaid

For applying for this Internship, you can fill out the 'Internship Form' mentioned under 'Internships' in the Menu Bar or you can copy the link mentioned below which leads to a Google Form that you have to fill up for applying. You can do either ways.

Internship Google Form: