Learn to rock your eyeliner with any eye shape

Perfecting your eyeliner skill is what every makeup fanatic dreams of. Haven't we all gone through a time where a type of eyeliner wing looks fantastic on our friend but not on us? Well, that happens because we only know how to make a certain type of wing that doesn’t suit our eye shape. The angle of your eyeliner wing has the ability to make or break your makeup look. Here's a guide for you to follow so that you can get the best eyeliner shape and your eyes can reach their full potential without ruining the makeup look.

1. Almond Eyes

With almond-shaped eyes, you can certainly pull off a lot of different looks. All that you have to do is to get creative with that eyeliner brush. To pull off a classic cat-eye, start by drawing a thin line on the inner corner of the upper lid and build the thickness as you get to the outer corner. The slightly raised wing will help you emphasize the natural upliftment of your eyes.

(Source: hudabeauty.com)

2. Hooded Eyelids

Eyeliner for hooded eyes is one of the most complicated ones to pull off since everyone has a different hood and can crease in different places of the lid. While drawing the wing, the main focus should be on the outer corner and only apply a very thin layer of eyeliner to conserve lid space. Starting from the inner part of the lid and tapering out the eyeliner would make a beautiful wing that you can work with confidence.

*Always remember to hold your mirror straight while you are drawing the wing as holding the mirror upwards or downwards could affect the size and shape of your eyeliner.

(Sourced via Pinterest)

3. Monolid Eyes

People with monolids can carry off all kinds of looks, whether it is a dramatic liner or a small flicked wing. Use a Kohl pencil to outline the upper lid and then smudge out the upper lid to get the smokey aspect of a dramatic wing. For a daytime look, a thin line extended upwards into a wing would look the absolute best!

(Sourced via Pinterest)

4. Deep-Set Eyes

For deep-set eyes, you should focus more on pulling your wing outward to make the eyes look beautifully shaped. Draw a thin line along your lash line, extending along your face for the flick. For an evening look, try accentuating the corners and the outer half of your eye. If you have bigger eyes, you can always make your wings bigger and bolder.

(Sourced via hudabeauty.com)

To be able to pop off with such good eyeliner looks, it's quite important to use some good eyeliners. Here are my personal recommendations for you to pick from (including 3 high-end eyeliners on the market and 3 drugstore eyeliners, so no one is left out due to budget worries!):

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Drugstore eyeliners

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Authored by: Jayee Bora

Edited by: Yana Kumar