KaybyKatrina: Yay or nay?

Alongside her flourishing acting career, in October 2019, Katrina Kaif and her team launched KAY BEAUTY -it's kay to be you. It was launched in partnership with the popular e-trailer, NYKAA, with its product range starting from ₹249 only. All Kay products are vegan and cruelty-free and have collaborated with the Dehaat foundation in their mission to encourage helping the needy. Overall, the products of kay beauty are good and we have also seen the beauty icon, Katrina Kaif, wear it all the time and look flawless.

Poster for the new Kay Beauty Hydrating Foundation

(Photo via Instagram @kaybykatrina)

Out of the many products that kay beauty promotes, first we will review the Matte Action Lip Liner for ₹550 along with 1.2g of product. It has the shade name written on the top of the packaging. Now, the product is not color coded on the cap, which makes it slightly difficult for the people placing it vertically with their other makeup products. The product is super pigmented, very creamy, and easy to apply. It takes time to settle on the lips, however if it does not look good, after the 5-10 seconds wait, it is long lasting and transfer proof. It's perfect when doing the no-makeup makeup look, and I would definitely recommend it.

Link to product: http://bit.ly/2Ctj8A4

Moving forward, the second product is the Matinee Lip Crayon for ₹799 and it has around 1.8g of product. The packaging and product look quite similar to the lip liner, but the pencil is a bit thicker. Although this product is also very pigmented, creamy, and has great texture, it dries up very fast and dries the lips as well. It has to be applied with a lip balm but it still feels a bit dry afterward. Similar to the lip liner, it takes time to settle and if you smudge it beforehand, the color lifts up. It is not transfer proof nor is it long lasting, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Link to product: http://bit.ly/33tTNSE

Kay beauty has three different types of Kajals (Kohls): The 24-hour Kajal, The Gel Kajal and the Smokey Kajal.

The Kay Beauty Waterproof 24 Hour Kajal - Spade - Black retails for ₹249 with similar packaging to the lip liner. It is a retractable pencil, so no product is wasted. It does not have the prominent black colour but looks beautiful on the lash and water line, staying intact for about three to four hours. It is waterproof but not transfer proof.

Link: https://nyk0.page.link/xJtx

The Kay Beauty Smudge-proof Jet-Black Gel Kajal retails for ₹450 with about 1.2g of product. It is a sharpen able pencil, sharing similarities to other gel kajals because of its ability to hold the product better. It has a prominent black shade and lasts for about 5-6 hours while looking great on the upper lash line.

Link: https://nyk0.page.link/WdXR

The Kay Beauty Waterproof Smokey Kajal retails for ₹599 and comes with a Smudger on the other side of the pencil. It is matte black but it is better to smudge the product with bare hands since the smudger does not work great. We also have to smudge the product before it sets. It is long lasting, water and transfer proof, and looks wonderful on the upper line and waterline.

Link: http://bit.ly/2X38iKD

Overall, the brand is an absolute yay for me! My experience with the products have been great and I would totally recommend it to anyone who asked!

Authored By: Darshika Jallan

Edited By: Yana Kumar