Is Apple really thinking different?


At a time when the world assumed Apple was soon going to disappear, the return of Steve Jobs to Apple in 1996 led to a different result. The introduction of the Think Different Campaign persuaded people to look at Apple products from a different perspective.

Steve Jobs believed in this campaign immensely and in creating an exclusivity for Apple. He emphasized that people need to ‘think different’ to be Apple users and that the routine way of thinking wasn’t enough.


The launch of the new iPhone 13 series along with iPad mini and Apple Watch series 7, has raised a lot of speculations about Apple’s newly introduced products. The newly launched iPhones have very minimal design changes and have almost similar features, causing people to less likely upgrade to the latest iPhone.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 13 series’ camera has been creating a buzz among tech enthusiasts. The newly introduced Apple products as usual have caused a boost in sales.


But, as there is a flip side to every coin, there have been many perspectives after the recent launch of new products. Many tech enthusiasts have been wondering if the new products have any significant improvements at all. There have also been many memes on various social media about the same by various brands including some interesting tweets by Samsung.

There are many people who are expecting the next iPhone to be a significant upgrade as we saw in the case of iPhone X and hence the minimal changes are justified. There are also many speculations about the potential designs and features.

In a competitive market such as the mobile phone industry, with the constant introduction of new phones by various companies continuously, it is impossible to be ahead of the competitors without introducing new and unique features. Apple is however not afraid of any of these aspects and works towards delivering quality products to its consumers.


The Apple Ecosystem works incredibly well together and this is an opinion that everyone agrees to. The functionality of the apple products and quick transfer of data from one device to another, makes our work simpler and saves a lot of time. Recently, many students have shifted to taking notes on their iPad with an Apple Pencil and it has revolutionised the way students study.

As an added bonus, the increase in social media users and bloggers about learning has facilitated free marketing for Apple and has caused many people to switch to Apple products over the last few years. Once in the Apple Ecosystem, it seems almost impossible to break out of it and that is where loyalty to Apple products begins to develop.


Apple over the years created many flagship phones but of late there have been some doubts over whether Apple is thinking different enough. Most of their newly launched products appear to be quite similar to the previous models which doesn’t seem exciting. But when you take a closer look at the features of the product there have been improvements to the products from their previous versions.

In the case of the iPhone 13, as of now it is speculated to be the calm before the storm and hopefully in 2022, Apple would launch their next iPhone with a more evident upgrade and surprise everyone. Apple has also changed their product strategy recently, the success of which is being questioned as well. These different perspectives on whether Apple is thinking differently are both rightly justified. What do you think? Is it time for Apple to ‘think different’?

Authored By: Ashika Reddy

Edited By: Megha MS