Halloween done right by celebrities

Even in the spookiest days of Halloween if someone can bring out the most fun version of it, they are god’s favorite, I tell you. Besides the fact that COVID-19 had its effect on everyone's mind, this year’s Halloween was no less fun. No matter which way you choose – whether meetups or zoom meetings, you need a costume for Halloween. After all, it's all about the costume.

Photo source: @taylorswift Instagram

Coming to the best and the cutest costume according to me – Taylor Swift. The singer opted to dress like a squirrel, wearing a suit complete with the tail. “Can’t talk right now, I’m doin’ hot squirrel shit” Swift wrote on Instagram. The pose, effects, captions all were just the spices needed to woo us. The most stunning fact is the transition. Just the day before she appeared in the fanciest formal outfit– A black lace jumpsuit which she wore at a rock and roll fame induction ceremony in Cleveland.

Now coming to the most magnificent dress-up by Ariana Grande. She transformed into Creature from the ‘Black Lagoon’ for Halloween with head-to-toe green prosthetic makeup. The 28-year-old singer had a team of makeup artists on hand to create the look, which was inspired by the 1954 horror classic of the same name. She shared a series of photos on her Instagram that stunned us. She also posed with her husband Dalton Gomez as ‘Handsome Scuba Man’ according to the reimagined movie poster. They both legit set Halloween on fire.

Photo source: Ariana Grande / Twitter

Now the most fun part of Halloween is lighting everyone’s heart with warmth and fun even on the spookiest days. The man who can do it - Harry styles. He set fire in his Halloween-themed show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, dressing as Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. He channeled the Judy Garland character in custom Gucci, rocking rosy cheeks, red tights, and a gingham dress with a matching hair bow throughout his “Harryween'' performance. Lots of fun, giggles, and sweetness were included in it. Styles also performed on stage alongside a stuffed Toto dog in a picnic basket.

Photo source: pinterest.com

So, as I was saying that this year's Halloween celebrations and costumes were no less than any other. Not only these but other celebrities like Kendal Jenner as the Martian girl from Mars Attack, Rihanna as Gunna, Kylie Jenner as a cat, Stormi as a mermaid, Cardi B as Morticia Adams, etc. all of them slew Halloween. These are the days full of fun plus costumes and yes, lots of candies. I’m already anxiously waiting for Halloween 2022 for the magnificent and stunning costumes.

Authored By: Esha Sahay

Edited By: Aarushi Sharma