Fashion YouTuber's you need to check out

In the fast flowing world of fashion where trends and styles change every season, it definitely becomes a little hard to follow up. Being up to trend and not looking old fashioned is becoming a major concern of several individuals. To reduce that problem to some extent, here is a compilation of some YouTuber's in the fashion genre that you need to check out! Their videos will lead you down a fashion rabbit hole but one you won’t regret falling into.

1. Bestdressed AKA Ashley

Ashley’s video titled, “the ultimate guide to closet essentials”

If you are getting into fashion YouTube and you haven't subscribed to 'bestdressed' then you're missing out on some interesting and helpful fashion videos. Ashley was one of the OG Fashion YouTuber's and has a wide variety of fashion content from thrifting videos, thrift flips to tutorials on how to re-style clothes in different ways. Apart from fashion videos, she also makes videos on renovating her spaces and some chit chat videos as well. Her sarcasm and dry humor make her videos extremely entertaining to watch.

2. Emma Chamberlin

Emma’s video titled, “reviewing fashion trends”

It’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard about Emma Chamberlin if you enjoy the lifestyle or fashion genre of YouTube. She’s one of the biggest creators in that genre and rightfully so. Her relatable persona and personality make her very likeable. Her fashion sense is unique and she is often one of the major trendsetters for the newer generations. She also has thrift vlogs on her channel, a few styling videos that feature pieces that one wouldn’t usually go for but she makes them work beautifully!

3. Hautelemode AKA Luke

Luke’s video titled, “I love Emily in Paris but hate her style (Part 1)”

If you’ve been looking to get into the high-end side of fashion or their history or even critical review of what people are wearing in terms of fashion then Hautelemode is the channel for you. This channel features a large variety of content from reviews of shows like “Say yes to the dress” to outfit reviews of award shows like the Oscars, Grammy’s and many more. This channel also features reviews of luxury fashion shows from the well know ones like Dior, Chanel and so on to the less known ones like Iris Van Herpen or Schiaparelli. There’s something for everyone.

4. Mina Le

Mina’s video titled, “tik tok is kind of bad for fashion”

Mina Le’s videos have been everyone’s new obsession. The different ideas and content that she brings to the table are just amazing. Her content is wide, ranging from tackling issues like fast fashion and discussing sustainability to reviewing outfits in television shows and talking about the origin of various popular trends like corsets and so on. Her videos are fresh and they leave everyone wanting for more.

Authored By: Aneka Khanna

Edited By: Loyna Kaur