Fashion myths that every curvy girl should break

Everyone’s body is unique, and no one should feel insecure about it. The media tends to portray an ideal body type as having a flat tummy and a big bosom. But perfection is impossible to achieve.

All you queens should know you are beautiful! You’ve been gifted with what most girls out there wish for! So, it’s high time you stop believing these silly myths that revolve around how you should dress and go forward. You can dress any way you wish to and enjoy what you do!

Myth 1: Wearing baggy clothes

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NO! This isn’t it. Wearing short body-hugging dresses would genuinely make u look very pretty and add so much glamour to your dazzling personality. It will show those pretty curves you have. Go get one now!

Myth 2: Black would make you look slimmer

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It’s more important to look stunner than slimmer! Go get and wear all those bright colors to make you stand out. Different colors and patterns suit our bodies in different ways, so believing that black is the only thing that will make you look good is very wrong.

Myth 3: Only Indian wear suits you

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It surely does suit you, but it’s not the only thing. You should follow those trends and experiment with your favorite dresses. Trust me, if you will try those trends once there is no going back.

Myth 4: Do not wear sleeveless clothes

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Do you know why you are not comfortable wearing sleeveless clothes? Because you have never worn any since that one person said something to you! They are themselves insecure, why do you bother to listen to them? You look gorgeous in those sleeveless dresses, wear them more often! Wear them as long as you are comfortable with them because YOU are your boss.

Myth 5: Avoid bold prints

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If you feel comfortable in a print and you look in the mirror and feel confident, GO for it! Don’t let some old magazine article tell you that you can’t enjoy a fun bold print. Especially during these unprecedented times, life is too short not to wear that print girl, do it!

Lastly, and probably most importantly, dress with confidence. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Have confidence in yourself and your appearance. It always shows. Hold your head high and know what an amazing girl you are. These are the 5 myths; which ones do you think you’re gonna break?

Authored by: Smayra Virmani

Edited by: Bharati