Fall fashion trends of 2021

We all spend the summers looking out for beautiful pastel coloured swimsuits, crop tops along with cute skirts and shorts. Before summer isn’t quite over yet, fashion fanatics like us have already started looking for our cardigans and sweaters which would go the best with the pants we just brought in! Are you done with your fall shopping yet? If not, here I have some of the new fall trends of 2021 that you may like to follow and coordinate in your outfits to create your next best fall attire for this year!

1. Brightly coloured sweaters

Falls scream out colours like browns, burgundy, yellows or even navy but this year, people have given the autumnal fashion a twist. These colours have been replaced by highly saturated colours of bright blue, bubblegum pink and peach-orange which weren't conventional even a year ago! The pandemic has impacted fashion in all different ways and now it’s really fun to see how people are experimenting with their outfits so much more than before. The best way to go about with these looks is to match up unexpected combinations with either minimal or bold makeup along with minimal jewellery. This will create an uncommon but beautiful look for you to slay!

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2. Lose fitted jeans

Skinny jeans have always been a must-have in our wardrobes for such a long time and are a versatile piece that matches any outfit you want to create but this fall, people are gravitating much more towards loose fitted baggy jeans which are super comfortable and very easy to wear and style! You can either go in with a simple look with baggy jeans and cute white tank tops with a cardigan paired up with ankle length boots or even sneakers or can even pair it with colourful sweatshirts and tops!

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3. Sweater vests

Sweater vests have got their way back to our fashion trends! They were a hot sale during the 90s and now all of us are trying to get back that cute effortless look that is very easy and comfortable to wear. Whether it’s a macrame one or even a simple detailed one, it gives an amazing look and you can very easily pair it with some cute baggy jeans!

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4. Puffy and quilted handbags

Fashionistas have been loving new looks paired up with puffy and quilted handbags with different textures and plane pastel or white colours. They are super trendy and cute to carry around and are now being loved to pair up with different outfits as they are very useful and comfortable to style!

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5. Flatforms

Flatforms were a huge trend during the 90s and yes, I can feel the excitement of every 90 kids who used to own or dream about owning those flatforms! Well, now they are a huge trend and platforms can pair them up with almost every casual or even fancy outfit according to your will! Flatforms are super cute but are comfortable at the same time and aren't really the most difficult ones to style. Whether you want to slay a beautiful long sleeve dress or even some baggy jeans with cute tops, you can always put on a pair of flatforms which will successfully give you a very beautiful yet comfortable look!

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Hence, these were the top 5 fall fashion trends of the year 2021, let us know which one you like best!

Authored By: Jayee Bora

Edited By: Anshita Yadav