Euphoria's euphoric makeup looks

The show takes makeup looks to another level. You would rarely see any other show where such looks are done; from glitter to different eyeliners, Euphoria did it all.

Personality-wise, every character has their own sense of style, and their makeup has been done accordingly. For example, Cassie tries to get Nate’s attention but is not able to until she dresses up and looks like Maddy (Nate’s on and off girlfriend). This shows the difference in their looks and how it suits their personalities.

A few Euphoria makeup looks

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The use of eye makeup is very prominent in this show, so much so that people have recreated their looks by doing challenges, making videos, etc. One such trend is… ‘I forgot I go to euphoria high school’. Now, this trend speaks a lot about the unrealistic depiction of high school. Yes, the trend is a lot of fun and lets people have their own take on the ‘Euphoria looks and fashion’ but then again, high schoolers do not go to school wearing what these characters wore throughout the show certainly do not go all out on their makeup.

All these looks are often the creation of Euphoria's makeup designer and department head, Doniella Davy. Everything from Maddy's signature winged eyeliner to Kat's distinctive pastel-colored eyeshadow is all thanks to Doniella and her talented team. She said in an interview how she took inspiration for the makeup looks from the character's clothes and their bedrooms. She continued saying, “Honestly, looking at their bedrooms is a great thing for me because I can pick up on the colors and textures- and see what their world looks like.” It has also been revealed how actor Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy on the show was extremely involved in her character’s makeups looks, that she even drew her signature eyeliner on herself some days.

Euphoria’s makeup designer and head, Doniella Davy

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Combined with the characters, the cast, and the makeup artists, this show has launched a chain of trends and concepts going around and will continue to do with its eye-catching looks. The show has made a mark through their makeup, and certain looks called ‘Euphoria looks or Euphoria-inspired looks’ have become their signature. It has brought up an increasing obsession among Gen Z and millennials to try new looks and experiment more.

Authored by: Sehaj Kaur

Edited by: Ashutosh Bhoria