Euphoria: A look behind the lens

Euphoria is an HBO drama that revolves around the lives of the students at Euphoria High. They aren’t regular students in any form and are often mixed up in activities that can only be described with two words; highly illegal. We are not here to delve into the story but into the lives of the actors who have stolen our hearts and given us a different kind of high with their outstanding performances.

From left to right: Eric Dane who plays Cal Jacobs, Colman Domingo who plays Ali Mohammad, Zendaya who plays Rue Bennet, Sam Levinson who is the writer and producer of the show, Hunter Schafer who plays Jules Vaughn, Jacob Elordi who plays Nate Jacobs, Sydney Sweeney who plays as Cassie Howard, Angus Cloud who plays as Fezco, Maude Apatow who plays as Lexi Howard, Dominic Fike who plays as Elliot, and Austin Abrams who plays as Ethan Daley at the HBO MAX Euphoria Premier

Photo source: Teen Vogue

Zendaya- Zendaya portrays Rue Bennet, the protagonist, and a narrator who often has a dance with drugs and just can’t seem to stay away. Zendaya has won an Emmy for her more than captivating performance thus becoming the youngest actor to win the best lead actress in a drama. Like many celebrities, she started her career as a child on the Disney channel. She has also starred as MJ in the MCU Spider-Man films and is currently in a relationship with her co-star Tom Holland. The versatility and talent she possesses helped her land major

roles in movies like Dune, The greatest showman, and her self co-produced movie, Malcolm and Marie.

From left to right: Hunter, Zendaya, Tom, and Harry Holland were spotted at a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden

Photo source: Jason Szenes for the New York Post

Hunter Schafer- Hunter Schafer plays Jules Vaughn who is the protagonist’s love interest but their relationship took a turn for the worse in season 2. Hunter is a trans actress and model who has made her debut with Euphoria. She is a proud LGBTQ+ activist and has inspired many. Before landing this role, she made a name for herself in the fashion industry and has modeled for brands like Dior and Marc Jacobs.

Jacob Elordi- Jacob Elordi plays Nate Jacobs who is supposedly the opposite of Elordi. Elordi has called the character all sorts of names from “emotional terrorist” to “a narcissist”. Nate Jacobs is a key character and he is portrayed as a manipulative jock. He is a controversial character who is undoubtedly complex and unpredictable. However, his character seemed to gain a wide range of reactions from viewers. Jacob started gaining popularity after starring in the Kissing Booth trilogy. The Australian actor has also starred in feature films like 2 Hearts and Deep Water.

A still from the series; Photo source: Elle Australia

Alexa Demie- Alexa plays the role of a popular girl who expresses herself through fashion at school, Maddy Perez. Maddy Perez is a fan favorite thanks to her bold and confident personality. Maddy is also Nate’s on-and-off girlfriend and is seen as the victim in their toxic relationship. Maddy Perez’s makeup and fashion sense has created shock waves on social media. The fascinating truth is, at times Alexa did her own character’s makeup and worked with the team to fine-tune Maddy’s looks. She has also starred in the films like Mid90s and Waves.

Sydney Sweeney- Sydney portrays Cassie Howard. Maddy’s ‘best friend’ always seems to be making the wrong choices. In season 2 her character has fans enraged and appalled. Unlike her character, Sydney is very likable and popular amongst fans. She has starred in a variety of TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Handmaid’s Tale, and even Grey’s Anatomy.

Photo source: HBO

Angus Cloud- Angus plays the role of Fezco, popularly known as Fez who is the town’s drug dealer. Euphoria is his first major acting role. Fezco’s relationship with Lexi has gained a lot of stans on social media. Angus and co-star Maude Apatow have both made appearances at shows at New York Fashion Week this year.

Maude Apatow- Maude portrays Cassie’s younger sister, Lexi. Lexi’s character is supportive and caring making her one of the most likable characters in the show. In season two there seems to be a romance brewing between Fez and Lexi who fans call ‘Fexi’. Maude has also appeared in This is 40 and Knocked up.

Barbie Ferreira - Barbie plays Kat who is a teenager going through the journey of self-discovery. Kat is seen as mysterious and acerbic. Kat’s role was more prominent in the first season compared to the second season so far. Ferreira is a model who has been promoting body positivity and challenging beauty standards which have empowered tons of fans. Barbie is widely acknowledged for her role in Euphoria and Unpregnant.

Authored by: Vedika Bajaj

Edited by: Shivani Arvind