Ayka is currently a Non-Profit Magazine. We don't acquire a solitary penny through Ayka's site or Instagram Page. We have not enrolled Ayka under a brand name or put cash in it. We further have no plans, as of now, to change Ayka into a benefit acquiring magazine. Neither have we connected our financial balance subtleties or individual subtleties for any sought of procuring. Ayka's official website and it's Instagram page does not permit any sought of advertisements or paid collaborations/promotions, which plainly suggests that no AdSense Account has been connected, which would have in any case assisted us with earnings. Ayka has been uniquely determined to celebrate art and it's different structures, providing instructive articles and latest news updates alongside assisting youthful understudies with giving them an opportunity to apply for an impermanent Internship that will acquire them a declaration/certificate. If at any time, later on we plan on converting Ayka to a benefit procuring magazine, we will promptly inform our dearest readers and furthermore begin paying our staff and colleagues. Ayka praises you and your art and is just about as obvious as a straightforward body.