Camila Cabello winning hearts as Cinderella

The singer-songwriter Camila Cabello has dipped her feet into the film industry with her acting debut in the new musical Cinderella. Here’s what we think about it!

The Cinderella Poster

Everybody knows how the tale of Cinderella goes. The newly released Cinderella is a 21st-century take on the classic fairytale. It shifts the focus to a girl who isn’t pining for a Prince Charming but a career. Cinderella wants to make a life for herself by being a seamstress and can fulfil her ambitions with the help of her fairy godmother Fab G, portrayed by Billy Porter.

Camila Cabello (Cinderella) and Nicholas Galitzine (Prince Robert) share a warm chemistry that serves the film well. But, one wonders how the film would have turned out if Prince Robert had married the princess who dropped in early with a proposition of marriage as a means of bonding their kingdoms — a common political move. Luckily for us, the film doesn’t follow that plot.

Prince Robert (left) and Cinderella (right)

The movie does a great job of reminding us that passion should take priority over everything else. The lyrics of the song “million to one” perfectly encapsulates Cinderella’s dedication towards fulfilling her dreams as she constantly breaks down the stereotypes imposed upon her by society.

“If it’s a million to one,

I’m gonna be that one and

If it’s a shot in the dark,

I’m gonna be the sun.”

These lyrics set the base of the whole story. It’s not just a fairytale between Cinderella and the prince; it’s also a fairytale between Cinderella and her dreams.

The jaw-dropping costumes were designed by Ellen Mirojnick, who looked to the soundtrack for inspiration. She had previously designed costumes for Bridgerton, The Greatest Showman, and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Cinderells’s Work Outfit

Cinderella’s Finale Dress

Fabulous Godmother’s Outfit

(Photos Courtesy: Ellen Mirojnick and Amazon Studios)

Camila Cabello makes this movie sparkle just as bright as Cinderella's glass slipper. And hopefully, it is the first of her many films.

Cinderella is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Go check it out!

Authored By: Esha Sahay

Edited By: Akanksha Mallick