Breaking down Euphoria's fashion game!

The fashion and makeup in the series ‘Euphoria’ were stellar. All the fashion and makeup looks completely encapsulate each character and is even used frequently as symbolism and character development. Let's have a look at some.


A still from the show

Rue has her red hoodie on constantly throughout the entire show, which she inherited from her deceased father, showing she still has a grasp onto him, even if he has departed for his heavenly abode. She also has messy glitter makeup showing her lax attitude towards everything that goes on around her. Rue’s style is basically like the coolest “tomboy” in your high school who has access to whatever designer clothes that are featured at New York Fashion Week.


A collage of some of the outfits worn by Jules

Jules wears lolita and Harajuku-inspired fashion throughout the show. She embraces her femininity and enjoys wearing pinks, pastels, short skirts, and much more. Her style ranges through the ’90s-made-new trend, bubblegum pop-influenced looks, and abstract prints layered with nonchalance, the likes of which are permeating the more colorful, expressive fashion many are embracing right now.


Image source: Pinterest

Maddy’s designer clothes are very much real, as it was revealed early on in the series that Nate frequently gifts her expensive clothing. She wears very typical “popular girl” fashion, and perfectly fits the criteria that Nate looks for in a girl that Rue described at the beginning of the series. Her outfits are making a sensation throughout the internet. She gives a chic look and no one can’t get take their eyes off of her! Her bold and sexy makeup has created a huge hype amongst teenagers these days.


A still from the show

Kat’s growth through makeup and fashion is the most obvious out of the whole cast, as her choice of style plays a large role in her character development. Her entire role was about accepting her body and being more confident. We also notice how much more exploitive her clothing gets throughout the series, even going as far as to show how Kat is obsessed with the male gaze. Once a body-conscious teen Kat finally reaches a point where she embraces her body and lets her clothes show off her very best assets.


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Cassie’s outfits, while also hyper-exploitive, still have this hint of innocence in them, using very soft baby colors and tones on her revealing outfits, specifically around her chest area. This perfectly sums up Cassie’s entire character and her conflict with the naivety of her idea of love and her searching for love by constantly exploiting her body and her looks. She dictates her style based on what she thinks men want and her innate need to be loved. It is very classic, standard femininity.

If you still haven’t watched euphoria then what are you doing? Just grab a bag of popcorn and binge-watch this show. You will love it!

Authored by: Smayra Virmani

Edited by: Bharati