Beating this extreme heat!

Summer months bring with them longer days, Vitamin D to boost our energy levels and mood, shakes and slushies to rescue us and a long vacation to make unforgettable memories. But there is one major drawback stopping us from doing anything at all: the scorching heat!

With the rise in Global Warming, gone are the days with 30°C temperature. We are seeing all-time highs with temperatures rising up to 49°C. Even before leaving the house, we sweat, we’re dehydrated and extremely uncomfortable. So, here are some useful tips to help you beat the heat this summer and make the most out of it.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated: It is no shocker that this unbearable heat makes us dehydrated the entire day. Thus, keep a bottle of water or juice close to you at all times (even when you go outside). Dehydration not only leads to fatigue but also serious weakness, and replenishing your body with fluids will make you more energetic!

(Photo via Pinterest/Álvaro)

2. Have Fresh Vegetables and Fruits: Watermelon, cucumber, papaya, mangoes and green leafy vegetables not only keep you fresh and provide you with some much-needed vitamins and minerals but also boost your hydration levels.

3. Cool Yourself Off With Water: Swimming pools are filled with people right from the age of 3 to 60 and thus, are a popular concept in summers. So, grab a towel and take a dip in the water to cool yourself. If you don’t have access to a pool, taking a cold bath twice a day will also keep you cool and refreshed.

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4. Wear Suitable Clothing: When the sun is shining down upon us with all of its power, you need to dress accordingly. Wear cotton clothes as they are much lighter and more breathable in comparison to other materials. Also, preferably wear lighter clothes as they refract the sun’s rays while darker colours tend to absorb them.

5. Choose Your Accessories: Wide-brimmed hats and caps are your friends in the sweltering heat. Not only do they help prevent heat strokes and tanning but also look very fashionable. To add to the list, bring out your fanciest sunglasses and take advantage of its double benefits — protect your eyes and rock your look!

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Summer can be the best time of your life if you are prepared for it! Apart from these essential methods you can make delicious smoothies and shakes, refrigerate your skincare to get the cool effect, hoard your favorite ice-cream and so much more. So, don’t let the sun stop you from having fun! Just remember to apply sunscreen and do everything within your body’s limit.

Authored By: Uddantika Kashyap

Edited By: Akanksha Mallick