90’s feisty comeback

We’ve all seen the 90’s beauty icons rocking some stunning, unique looks during their era starting from Victoria Beckham to Britney Spears. Thirty years on from the era that gave us the best of all Supers, Friends, and the Spice Girls and beauty trends like never before. In recent times these trends are back in style where celebrities, makeup artists, beauty influencers, and even people like us are embracing them with full style and confidence. Well, you must have gotten confused about what to try and what to not, right? Well, I am here to tell you my top 5.

1. Dark lip liners

Dull regular brown–lip liner was a thing, harking back to the '90s, with everybody from Naomi Campbell to Pamela Anderson wearing the look. Set against otherwise exposed lips, adoptees of the pattern regularly wore a smooth gloss on the top for a multidimensional impact. All the more as of late, Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lizzo have all attempted the look.

Source: popsugar.com

2. Blue eyeliner

From Princess Diana, Britney, and Reese Witherspoon to, of course, the high school girls obsessed over vivid blue eyeliner and it was almost a requirement at that time! In recent times, people seem to wear darker and saturated hues of blue and this blue-eye look has taken over the internet.

Source: vogue.in

3. Lip gloss

Remember Lancôme's Juicy Tubes? Everybody had one of those high-sparkle, scented formulas to top up stout, lustrous frowns. They were discontinued and the beauty industry was all about dry matte liquid lipsticks. They however made a return in 2020 to the enjoyment of the recent college grads who adored them the initial time around. Think of them as the simple method for infusing some iridescence into your look.

Source: hellomagazine.com

4. Frosted eyeshadow

For old-school motivation for the current iced eyeshadow pattern, see Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, both of whom wore glinting pastel shades up to their eyebrows, back in the '90s. Presently, it's all over social media and as indicated by retailers deals of iced blue eyeshadow have flooded.

Source: redbookmag.com

5. Face glitter

It brings us our memories of the school dance performances with chunks of glitter on our faces! Gosh, I hated it so much! Well now, it’s back in trend after the release of ‘Euphoria’. People have started using glitters either on their face or their bottom lash line to enhance their eye looks more.

Source: insider.com

These are some of the trends from the past that have made their way into the modern industry. Which look was your favorite and would you try these out?

Authored By: Jayee Bora

Edited By: Aarushi Sharma